Thursday, November 13, 2008

In the beginning ...

The following modest adventure has come about from the chance meeting of a group of kayaking friends and a yachtsman on the southern-most bay of Schouten Island (Tasmania) in February 2008.

Eight months later, we find ourselves heading towards Broughton Island - off the coast of the Hunter region of NSW - for a rendezvous.

Initial planning for this modest adventure has been conducted over many schooners.

Above: Jules, Luke, Tony & Peter plotting the adventure to Broughton Island from a corner of the Lord Nelson Hotel, Sydney, (Spring 2008).
Hurtling along Nelson Bay Road in the dawn light.

This was not to be the usual kayaking expedition as we were being accompanied by a "Mother-ship", Craig's catamaran - Ocean Star.

Before heading out from Nelson Bay, Tony scrambeld up the mast to adjust the yacht's aerial position.

All of our camping and snorkelling gear, food, beer and wine was carried onboard Ocean Star, leaving our kayaks light-weight for the passage over to Broughton Island.

Drifting out of Nelson Bay under a light westerly.

Yacaaba Headland, Boondelbah Island and Tomaree Head on the horizon.

Cabbage Tree Island.

Waves crashing on to Yacaaba.

Paddling and sailing towards Cabbage Tree Island - home to Gould's Petrel.

Yacaaba and Tomaree in the background.

Broughton Island.